No free lunches

Everyone must pay a deposit to reserve a spot and get something drawn. Deposit comes off the price of the tattoo as long as deposit policy is followed.

  • Deposits are $50 for smaller tattoos and sessions and $100 for Full Day sessions.
  • All deposits go toward the final price of the tattoo.The shop minimum is $80,or $100 for necks and ribs.

Deposit Policy

24 hour cancellation notice

Cancellation without a 24hour notice will void your deposit. Deposit is nonrefundable (again NONREFUNDABLE) and if you do need to reschedule just let me know at least 24 hours before your appointment and I’ll move the deposit and time slot to a different day for you. I allow one reschedule, if we have to reschedule a second time a new deposit will be required. Being 30+ mins late to your appointment without notice will also void your deposit. Small changes to original design is fine. If I draw your design and you completely change the design on me you will lose your deposit and have to pay another deposit to keep your spot.

Parent / Guardian Policy

Must be at least 15

We do tattoos minors. 15 is the youngest we tattoo. Parent and minor must have a valid photo ID (normally state ID works best) and a birth certificate or proof of guardianship for the minor.

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